Factors To Consider When Buying A Rainproof Family Tent

If you’re thinking of purchasing a tent especially for your family there are certain tips you are supposed to follow to ensure you get the best product and save on your spending.

Tents are important especially if your family is having an event that involves the extended family. Having a rainproof tent will surely make everyone attending the function is comfortable and warm. Below are some of the tips to follow when purchasing the best family tent for rain.

Best family tent for rain

#1. Stability

This is a key factor to consider while purchasing a rainproof tent. It has to have the ability to survive strong storms. A good rainproof tent will be able to withstand the bad weather without losing shape or getting torn. Therefore it is important you go for stability while purchasing the tents.

#2. Fabric

Another vital factor to consider while purchasing a rainproof tent is the fabric. A good rainproof tent is a polyester one. You can also have nylon-made. This is the common fabric used to manufacture the tents.

These have the ability to thrive in strong storms as well as adjust accordingly when it is extremely hot. Additionally, these tents can be made from poly-cotton or even PVC. For the PVC to be effective it has to be coated with canvas while the polyester has to be coated with polyurethane.

family tent against rain

#3. Hydrostatic Capabilities

This is the ability the tent has to handle water. This is how this works: a tube is filled with some amount of water then the tent is placed below the tube.

As soon the process begins, water starts seeping through the tent’s fabric then finally the tent experts will measure the distance that enters in the fabric. Tent fabrics that rate above 1600 or even higher are classified as good choices. Therefore it is important for you to check the durability of your tent’s fabric before purchasing it.

#4. Size And Weight

The size of the rainproof tent will be determined by the number of family members you have. A large family will require a large tent to serve each of them effectively. You need to consider everyone in your family and ensure that their comfort is your priority.

Additionally, you need to purchase a tent that is not too heavy. This is because you or some of your family members will need to carry it around during family functions. It will be quite challenging to carry and set the tent up if it is too heavy.

family tent for rain

#5. Ventilation

A good waterproof tent should be well ventilated. There has to be free circulation of air in the tent while people are in it. Most tents lack proper ventilation and this makes it very difficult for occupants during an event.

Therefore before settling on your desired waterproofing tent for your family, it is important you consider the ventilation system for the tent.

#6. Strength

Strength comes in handy with durability and the ability of the tent to be resilience during tough weather conditions. You don’t want a weak product that will collapse and fall on people during functions. Go for strength and durability.