What Exactly Does A Moon Lamp Do?

Evolution of modern technology has made it possible to create artificial lighting that isn’t just unique, but functional too! Moon lamps are the latest trend, but what do they do?

Created from solid plastic and molded using 3D printing technology, moon lamps are near exact replicas of our moon. Their texture and appearance are realistic reproductions of the planet.

The shape is then lit using a light bulb to illuminate the space you use it in. In short, they are novelty lamps that provide ambient lighting and can serve as a nightlight.

Great Way To Decorate A Children’s Room

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Moon lamps are perhaps most appreciated by young children that are fascinated by astronomy. These lamps are a gateway to the imagination and make young ones feel like a spacne hero.

Highly affordable yet unique, these lamps are not commonplace just yet. They are found manufactured by a number of companies, but you will discover that all of them have different nuances.

What To Look For In Your Moon Lamp?

A solid moon lamp doesn’t just glow and serve as additional lighting, but has a number of desirable features as well. Look for moon lamps that have:

A rechargeable battery: It can get costly if you choose a lamp that doesn’t contain a built-in battery. If you have to replace the battery when you use it daily, it becomes wasteful.

Plus, there are many moon lamps out there that have rechargeable batteries to help prolong the life of your investment.

However, make sure to select a lamp that has a strong rechargeable battery so the lamp can operate all night long and produce a steady stream of light.

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The right texture: Moon lamps are meant to look like the moon and give off the same glow. They are the perfect shape and emit a soft white glow like you would see in the night sky.

However, the experience of seeing a moon lamp in action is unfulfilled if the right texture isn’t there. It’s important for the lamp to have the 3D grooves that make it truly stand out.

Hidden charging port: Unfortunately, not all moon lamps have a discreet charging port and that can negatively impact their appearance.

Try to choose a model that has the port hidden underneath the planet so it doesn’t take away from the overall aesthetics of the piece.

Go big or small: Just like every other lamp, moon lamps come in small or large sizes. Make sure to consider the amount of allotted space you have to display the novelty lamp. Choosing something too big will come off as bulky and take up too much space.

Uses For Moon Lamps

what does a moon lamp do– Nightlight in the hallway or children’s room.

– Great gift idea for a video gamer or budding astronomer.

– Ideal to show off in a science classroom.

A moon lamp provides just enough ambient lighting to make a space feel warm and welcoming. It is a unique yet interesting focal point to add to any room or space even on a tight budget!