Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Lightweight Steam Mops

In the past, all you required when cleaning your house using a mop was your energy, soap and water. However, with the advancements in technology, there is an invention of a new model that works using steam. A steam mop helps in cleaning of a variety of surfaces like floors and carpets without requiring too much effort. There is no need for detergents since it works by the elimination of dirt through the help of steam. It is easy to use, and you will get to enjoy your cleaning activities. If you are looking to purchase the best lightweight steam mop, below is an outline of its pros and cons to give you a better scope about it.

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– Less Effort.

The traditional way of cleaning using the regular mop requires a lot of energy to help clear dirt. In case of stains, you will have to further put in more time and effort before everything sparkles. In the case of steam mops, all you have to do is fill up the water tank and connect it to electricity. The steam will do all the cleaning while you just move around to direct it. Steam mops can come either with cords or cordless. The choice will depend on your preferences.

– Suitable For Tough Dirt.

Any household is prone to getting stubborn dirt that won’t clear quickly. Ordinary manual mops cannot remove them away by a simple scrub, but steam mops will work magic within a short period. The steam comes out in high pressure to loosen up the dirt then it gets absorbed by the mop head. Other substances like mould will also get eliminated easily since after releasing steam; the mops drys the surface instantly. Dry areas are not the best of environment for the growth of bacteria.

– It Kills Germs.

Harmful germs like salmonella can stay on your floors without you noticing. The steam cleaner produces vapour at high temperatures to completely kill these organisms then sanitising the surface to prevent further growth.


– Costly.

Unlike standard mops, steam mops are quite expensive in terms of purchasing and maintenance. The buying prices range from $50 to almost $150. The prices also determine how efficient your choice will be. The most expensive ones tend to serve a greater variety of purposes as compared to the cheaper ones.

lightweight steam mop benefits – Bulky than Manual Mop.

The mops are quite heavy and may not be suitable for everyone compared to regular mop. When you feel up the water tank, the weight increases further posing as a hindrance for you when you want to clean a large area. Instances, where you have to move up and down the stairs, will get you so worked up. Also if it is not cordless, it limits you to a place where there is a source of electricity so you will keep plugging and unplugging wherever you go.

If you are wondering whether to upgrade to a steam mop which is hassle-free from the manual type which requires a lot of effort, the above information will help you make a decision. Outline your needs and preferences to guide you further. Above all, check on your financial capability since it’s the most crucial aspect when you are planning to purchase any household gadget.